February 17, 2003

Know what?

Several things. That's what. *g*

First off, we have a van. Yes, a VAN. Get over it, you idiots who want to whine about my fuel consumption. Eff you. My purchase of fuel for said vehicle because we have three children--(and screw those of you who want to blame people with more than one child for overpopulation--I know a ton of people who are childless--there is a balance there.)--back to the purchase of fuel for said vehicle--it isn't my problem beyond WHERE I choose to make my purchase. It is a nice thought that since my husband works in the oil related industry that what gets purchased by us way on down the line helps out with the paycheck.

As for the Frenchies--you know what? Maybe they are all paranoid that it'll be made known that certain parties got their bio weapons from their country. What a thought!

Regarding the idiots protesting--go do something useful like figure out how to make bail. I'm all for freedom of speech, but when those people get arrested and stuff--forget it. They've lost their right to have that freedom if they can't be nice about it.

What else? Oh yeah--racism is rampant in New Orleans. Of course it is. It always is. White dude who is qualified to do the job gets the job and is that good enough? No, because he's white. Oh well gee, I guess that isn't discrimination, is it? Bunch of fucking hypocrites. *g* See more about it here if you think I'm exaggerating. It's stupid. It's idiotic. It's racism at its finest.

Oh yeah--have I mentioned how much I frapping HATE Mardi Gras?

Happy Monday, people! *g*

Kel, going back off to lurk in the shadows

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