February 11, 2003

It's Orange At The Mall

I was at the mall on Sunday, and then yesterday to exchange the full screen version DVD of XXX for the wide screen that I bought on Sunday's trip. You with me so far? Okay! I noticed more rent-a-cop security guys wandering the place, but chalked it up to it being AT&T Pro-Am week. But there were the same amount of guards last night. Then I had a "duh" moment -- it's the raised terror alert! Now, it's not that I don't appreciate the mall folks trying to instill some sense of security, but I don't think any terrorists are going to be deterred by extra unarmed security guys wandering around. Not to mention, our mall is an outdoor one and at any given time there's like 5 people there! I don't see us being primo terror targets. And if we were, what's the guard going to do? Throw their soda at them?

Observations from boonie America.

(Oh, and polka dots, in black and white, are in this spring, ladies!)

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