February 28, 2003

In Her World....

A followup on Kel's post earlier in the week about Janeane Garofalo . This time around, Jonah Goldberg's take on it:

But Ms. Garofalo thinks there's no use for war whatsoever. On Fox News, anchor Brian Kilmeade asked her if she thought there would be inspectors in there if there were not 150,000 troops "breathing down his neck." She responded, "Yes, I do think there would be inspectors in there."

Well, that's funny. Saddam kicked the inspectors out in 1998, and I don't think even Scott Ritter and Tariq Aziz would concede that the inspectors are in Iraq because we are threatening war.

But Ms. Garofalo's 32-million-member-strong movement is called "Win Without War," and it would hardly be convenient if war were helping us win, even slightly. In other words, she comes from the "give peace a chance" school, which is congenitally incapable of seeing that peace is always given a chance right up to the moment war starts.

We've given Saddam more than a decade of chances for peace, with 17 U.N. resolutions. We've tried to win without war. But Ms. Garofalo doesn't see that, because she thinks she's the first person to even suggest such a thing. If people could just see how simple it is to win without war, everything would be fine. One can almost see FDR with his Cabinet. Pearl Harbor in smoking ruins. He's drafting his declaration of war when, all of a sudden, Eleanor bursts in with a brilliant suggestion: "Franklin, darling. Let's win without war!"

"'Win… without…war?' My God, Stimson, what am I paying you for? Ellie, darling, that's gold! Sheer gold. We can win without war!"

It almost sounds like a perfect Saturday Night Live skit. Maybe Garofalo should go back to her old job and try it out.

Posted by Ithildin at February 28, 2003 6:10 PM | PROCURE FINE OLD WORLD ABSINTHE

I always think that it is funny when they post pictures of the www folk. It seems they are mostly ratty dressed 20 to 30 year olds that have nothing better to do than protest. How about going and getting a job and helping our nation instead of bitching about the problems with it.

Posted by: just me at March 4, 2003 5:06 PM