February 28, 2003

Friday Reads

Two excellent posts from two of my favorite blogs.

First up, Andrea on "human shields" and treason.

Oops: there are things the "human shields" apparently didn't think of, such as the possibility that what they are doing really is treason. Sure, that charge has been thrown around many blogs concerning these folks, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be taken seriously. I can only suppose that to the people running off to Baghdad to "protect" the wimmin 'n' kiddies from Big Bad US Bombs the notion of "treason" was either something quaint, belonging to the days of tri-cornered hats when people were "less sophisticated," or that they are so deluded by their utopian, we-are-the-world fantasies that they actually don't know what the words "foreign country" or "enemy" mean anymore.

And Michele on the same subject: Someone Beat them With A Reality Stick, Pleae.

The men and women that are in Iraq right now, posing as human shields, have no idea what it means to be just that. They are walking around Iraq like tourists, staying in hotels and signing up to guard hospitals, schools and homes of senior citizens; places least likely to be bombed.

Who will be surprised when these naive sympathizers of Saddam are taken by Iraqi guards and forced to stand by oil refineries and army bases? Who will be shocked when the first "human shield" dies at the hands of the Iraqi army?

No one should be shocked or surprised, and the only people who will claim to be horrified at this turn of events will be the human shields themselves, who refused to acknowledge that Saddam is a ruthless human being who cares little about the lives of others, especially westerners.

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