February 5, 2003

Biting My Tongue

I'm back in my little corner of the store (I'm on the side of the
pharmacy), biting my tongue. I really don't want to get into a verbal
battle over Iraq. Especially when I've got two days worth of work to do
and I'm the only person in my department today (My coworker is out
volunteering at the AT&T pro-am golf tournament).

ARGH! Must... resist...

Well... I think I'll type a short essay instead and post it here... :)

One Reason Why I'm for action against Iraq.

Plain and simple. They're in direct, and massive, violation of UN
Resolution 1441.

Colin Powell has given large amounts of proof to the United Nations.

One eye witness account is conjecture.

Two is possible proof.

But, when you have multiple eye witness accounts backed up with
intelligence gathered; not just by US intelligence, but by intelligence
gathered by several countries; that is proof.

If we do not follow through with the consequences for the violation of
Resolution 1441, the UN is basically as defunct as the League of Nations.

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