February 27, 2003

Armed Forces Pets

This came down on an email list I belong to:

Shelters Overwhelmed by Animals Left Behind by Soldiers Animal shelters around Fort Campbell, Kentucky are being swamped with animals left behind by soldiers deploying to the Persian Gulf.

Dogs of every breed, shape and size are being abandoned in the Clarksville, Tennessee - Hopkinsville, Kentucky area. Soldiers leaving for the Gulf are not all aware of foster programs that can care for their dogs when they are gone. Many dogs are just showing up as strays, but others are abandoned in the shelters by soldiers who feel like they have no other options.

If you'd like to help foster the dog of a soldier, contact foster@netpets.org. In the subject of your email, put "YOUR STATE, Foster Home Application." If you're in the military of other related government organization and need to find a temporary home for your cat, dog, or bird, call NetPets at (843) 249-5262.

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